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Whether you are looking for a best personal loans in Sri Lanka, home loan, or a car loan, to find out what are the best credit cards in Sri Lanka, savings accounts, term deposits etc.– Five’s financial product comparison platform will save your time and money by allowing you to compare & make an informed decision.

Universal basic income

The poor borrow more, save less,drink and smoke more, exercise less and eat less healthfully.
This idea is to combat the underlying assumption that 'there is something wrong with them' .

In general low income earners are relatively poor one part of the year and relatively rich the other part, Since low income earners collect most of their income at irregular intervals.

This aims to initiate the a long term perspective to get rid of a situation where anyone would make dumb decisions.

It would be in a basic sense a monthly grant enough to pay for basic needs; food and shelter. It would be completely unconditional.

The ideology is that people would be able to buy what they need instead of providing what self appointed experts think they need.


Small Scale Dairy Farmer Managment

Sri Lankan is 40% self-sufficient in Milk and yet there is a lot of way to go. There are more than 182000 farmers who engages in dairy industry in Sri Lanka and among that 99 % of them are smallholders. In order to increase their participation and productivity, we can use smart app based solutions in order to provide guidance and support needed for them. There is a huge crowd of youth who are studying animal science including myself in Sri Lankan universities who are ready to help. Also using IoT technologies their performances can be measured and little lower cost technological solutions can be introduced to them.


Buy my Farm Product - Mobile Software

Now farmers are selling their farm product with the intermediary peoples. Therefore they only getting limited income. Current Supply chain are like this.
Farmers ----- Local Intermediary ------ Whole sale seller -------- Big market (Economic Center) -- Whole sale buyer---- Distributor - Retailer - Customer

Farmers are getting few benefit by this long supply chain

therefore only technologies will short this problem.

One platform to Farmers and Retailer/ Customer and price negotiation in mobile software.

Eg. if farmers estimated his harvesting on next day. He will display what kind of farm product in his farm and he prefer his price. The buyers will negotiate price with common platform. After negotiation he will supply direct to Retailer or customer..