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Public Service Delivery

Garbage management

One of the highlight of the country.There is no proper plan to manage garbage in urban and rural areas. should placed garbage bins every public places and maintain them.should get ideas from problem solved countries like japan,Singapore and Malaysia.Beauty of a country is almost important.We can't copy and paste all from these countries.we can do it our own way.should teach children to how to manage garbage at beginning of school education.separation and recycling waste can make country beautiful.


Smart Bus Stand

This new generation bus stop in high way.

1. Electronic time table display about bus service.

2. Drinking water / mobile reload facilities / WiFi facilities / all other imp source in bus stand component

3. Small library / magazine

4.cctv camera system.

5. Separate small place to feeding mother's.

6. SMS facilities to contact time keeper of SLTB / private transport board.

7.Easy bus access to special need people.

8. Keep clean system

9. Etc


Train Tracking and Ticket Reservation Mobile app

Currently no any online system to buy train tickets and reservation seats. Every passengers (local and foreigners) must purchase tickets from the railway station. As well as no any way to know whether tickets available or not. And no any way to find the current running location of the train. On the other hand passengers will have to pay extra fee for on call reservation system. Why pay more for the reservation?

Introduces a special mobile application to buy train tickets. Then every passengers (local and foreigners) are able to buy tickets and reserve seats without visiting.

As well as planning to introduce train tracking feature using GPS. Then passengers are able to find the current running location of the train before arrive to the station.

No need to pay more for the reservation.


Public Transport Tracking System

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A tracking device for railway stations and bus stations (GPS)

an App built in mobile phones to track buses and trains, thus generate efficient public transport.


Reduce Traffic around the Colombo city

In Colombo city there is a massive traffic every morning and evening. I think Making new subways for public transportation will help to reduce the traffic in Colombo city. Also making new subways for pedestrian to across the road will also reduce the city traffic.

Implementing a Charitable Hub in order to connect the Donors and the Needy

Being a co-founder of a charitable organization helping to build up a vision for a better tomorrow for needy children in Sri Lanka, I noticed a lack of awareness between the needy party and the donors and vice-versa. If we can have a hub, a platform where needy parties could meet donors and communicate their immediate needs, it would be convenient. We need your ideas in making this a reality. Join the thread below, be a part of building a better tomorrow !