Mainstreaming Climate Change into Urban Planning

Urban centers are hubs of economic growth and socio-cultural affairs that make them hotspots of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as zones of vulnerability to anomalies in climate change with serious repercussions on human lives and economic properties. Hence, the urban sector demands special attention of policy makers with respect to sources and impacts of climate change. There is an urgent need for incorporating climate change aspects into urban planning and development in terms of mitigation, adaptation and compensating losses and damages to address prevailing gaps in policy before it is too late. In other words, climate change needs to be mainstreamed into urban plans and policies in the country. In this endeavor, it is vital to strengthen the capacity of key institutions responsible for urban planning and development. A coordinated approach is required here to overcome the barriers. The UNLOCKED discussion looks forward to facilitating this effort by connecting key stakeholders to bring forward key issues into discussion and creating a platform for a dialogue aimed towards effective urban climate action.

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