Sri Lanka’s Urban Expansion: Risks and Vulnerabilities

According to recent estimates, Sri Lanka’s cities are expanding by 6 per cent per year – a rate of growth that is among the highest in the region. Rapid urban expansion is occurring in the context of climate change, exposing cities and communities to increasing climate risks. To effectively manage these risks, it is essential that policy makers and the public understand the nature of emerging threats. To this end, the UNLOCKED discussion contributes to our understanding of climate risk and resilience in Sri Lanka’s cities.  It does so by addressing three fundamental questions:

  1. What are the climate risks facing Sri Lanka’s cities and communities?
  2. Why are cities vulnerable to the effects of climate change?
  3. How can the resilience of cities and communities be strengthened?

Data and analysis from the recent State of Sri Lankan Cities 2018 report will provide the springboard for this UNLOCKED discussion. It is hoped that the platform will generate vigorous debate, and lead to new ideas and approaches to strengthen the climate resilience of Sri Lanka’s cities and communities.

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